Full Moon
Full Moon
Krewe Members at the Full Moon level will receive the same benefits as the Crescent Moon level, plus a 20% discount on admission to all 10/31 Consortium events. Full Moon Krewe Members are also eligible to receive Royalty Points which could earn you the title of Fifolet Halloween Festival King or Queen. This option is $31 per year. Must be 21+. Please register at the button above in addition to completing your payment below.


18x24 full color yard sign with stand.
Only $10!
“I was raised by a single mother and could only dream of being raised poor; my conditions were much worse. There were times my family was homeless and hungry, often my meals came from food banks. In those days, Big Buddy didn’t exist but the Big Brother/Sister program did. I was considered high risk youth and was in the program as a little sister. Halloween naturally became my favorite holiday because on that one day I could be anything. Anything I could dream of as long as I made it myself with found or donated items. Fast forward to adulthood; I found a group that allows me to be the big sister, feed a hungry little girl and create anything I can dream of with the added bonus of having fun along the way.”

— Lauren Collins, 2015 Baton Rouge Halloween Parade Queen